Gifts from God

(A Devotional from an IOKDS booklet, Devotions for Junior Members)

Serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. (1 Peter 4:10b)

Beads of sweat dripped off Lauren’s forehead. Her hair felt glued to her scalp. She had never felt this hot before. Just when she needed the electricity most, it had gone off. A fan would feel so good. Lauren’s next-door neighbor saw her sitting beneath a tree, trying to stay out of the scorching sun.

“I’ll show you how to make a paper fan,” Martha said. “This is how we stayed cool when I was little.” She folded a paper back and forth so it became one narrow strip; then she turned it into a fan for Lauren.

If you’ve made a fan out of paper, you may have noticed it can push the air in several directions. Usually more than one person can feel the breeze it makes.

That’s what happens with gifts from God. If we use them as God wants, other people benefit from them, too. If God has given you the gift of singing, others can hear you and share in your gift.

When you see a fan, think about spreading God’s goodness, by using the gifts God has given you.

Prayer: Thank you, generous God, for the gifts you have given me. Remind me to use them to serve others faithfully. Amen

Selection from 101 Devotionals with Children by June Galle

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