What a love it is!

The more tightly we are attached to Jesus, the more purely His love can pass through us. And oh, what a love it is!” – Max Lucado

Reflecting on the cross we are filled with humble amazement on how God loves and heals us. From Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and the season that follows, we celebrate the glory of God shown in Christ’s Passion and Resurrection. His glory is revealed as our all-knowing, all-powerful Creator. Extraordinarily God’s glory is even more specifically expressed to us in His love. It is a love shown to us in a death that leads to life. Jesus and His death were not like any other. Jesus was God, who emptied himself for us to suffer death on a cross. He suffered in our place to redeem us. Jesus makes God’s immeasurable love for each one of us visible. His love for us continues in all eternity.

Father, you sent us your Son so that we would not have to stumble in darkness, sin, and confusion any longer. Open our hearts to be compassionate to those who reject Him or who have never known Him. Send us out to the world as your messengers. May we, as your faithful followers, reach into the hearts of those around us by our words, actions, and prayers.  Amen.

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