Consider the Lilies

What do a rummage sale and Louis Comfort Tiffany’s beautiful leaded glass window, Field of Lilies have in common?

Not much! Except they are both unexpected sources of inspiration for me! For over ten years, my IOKDS Circle has held just one fundraiser, and in recent years it has changed from a haphazard small garage sale to a community attraction. With just seventeen circle members, it is now a two day sale that not only raises enough money for a couple of local projects and donations to IOKDS departments, but it has also become a way to donate and encourage other groups, from the Boy Scout troop that unloads our cars, the funeral home that accepts our gently used suits, to the community agency that takes the unsold items to assist their own clients.

Each year we look at the large Fellowship Hall lined with clothes racks and over fifteen long tables filled with merchandise and say, “How did we do it? Where did this STUFF come from?”

Although we are far from accomplishing it, our little group has tried to encourage each other in adopting attitudes of SIMPLICITY. We are inspired by Judy, our Circle President, who actually models an attitude of simplicity in her life and home! Her example reminds us that all we have are gifts from God. He will provide in His way at all times. Because we can trust God to provide for us, we should feel free to share our resources with others.

“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” Matthew 6:29-30

Here are just a few outward expressions of simplicity that help us prepare for our successful sale as we clean out drawers, organize our closets, and also say no to unnecessary purchases!

1) Take a day. Purge the paper clutter of your home or desk and you will immediately feel better.
2) Reject anything that is producing an addiction in you. Simplicity is freedom, not slavery.
3) Develop the habit of giving things away.
4) Turn down the latest, energy guzzling gadget.
5) Learn to enjoy things without owning them – beaches, parks, libraries, for example.

Picture Jesus speaking to you of his creation and His Kingdom. Don’t just clean up your physical space. Eliminate the thoughts, problems and worries that clutter your mind. The earth is the Lord’s…. why do you worry? “Consider the lilies…

Beth Fanta, IOKDS Spiritual Life Director

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