2017 Chautauqua Scholarship Program Overview

The Chautauqua Scholarship Program, initiated in 1920 and sponsored by the International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons, makes its home for four weeks in the beautiful setting of The Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, New York. The 2017 Program will begin on Saturday evening, June 24, and end on Thursday evening, July 20.

This program is available through an application process to Christians, ages 18 through 25, who have completed at least one year of college, continuing education or work experiences. They should be curious, have a strong interest in learning and open to participating in new experiences. Sharing living areas with others from varied backgrounds requires respecting differences and accepting responsibility for household tasks. We welcome and appreciate students of any national / ethnic origin who are of good character.

Art, Religion, Education, and Recreation are the four pillars of the Chautauqua Institution. The object of IOKDS is ‘the development of spiritual life and the stimulation of Christian activities’. At the intersection of these two organizations, the Scholar can expect to achieve some or all of the following outcomes:

• A deeper sense of spirituality through exposure to the variety of offerings from the Department of Religion.
• New educational experiences from a wide range of courses offered through the Special Studies Program.
• Varied recreational activities.
• Relationship building with other young adults through service projects.

RELIGION: Through Sunday worship services, daily devotionals, Bible studies, prayer groups and meditation classes the Scholar has the opportunity to build a stronger and deeper self-confidence in his or her faith. Religious services are filled with music carrying the theme of Christian beliefs. The Scholar will be given the opportunity to prepare individual devotionals for presentation to the Class and opportunities for Scripture reading during Morning Worship at the Amphitheater. These opportunities include coaching for presentation skills.

EDUCATION: Because of the strong presence of many denominations represented at Chautauqua, the Scholar will have access to a broad scope of the Christian view. Each week the Institution presents a different theme with guest lecturers, authors, and offers a variety of events based on that particular theme. Courses offered through the Special Studies Program are designed to challenge and enrich those who have an interest in learning. Within the Scholarship Program, there are numerous opportunities for strengthening individual leadership and presentation skills as well as learning ways to help build community among people.

ART: Scholars are offered the opportunity to attend classes including art history, drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and handicrafts. There are music classes and individual lessons offered through the Chautauqua Special Studies Program as well as photography and classes in the culinary arts. The Scholar can attend concerts performed by the Chautauqua Symphony, the Festival Orchestra, and chamber ensembles. Opportunities are available for singing in the choir during the Sunday worship service. Arrangements can be made for the Scholar to audition for the Motet Choir, a choir that sings during the daily weekday worship service. There are also performances by the resident dance company, theater and opera departments available to the Scholar.

RECREATION: Sailing classes are offered for beginners thru advanced. Four public swimming beaches within the grounds are available with lifeguards on duty. There are opportunities for learning and playing golf. Games include chess, bridge, juggling, basketball, kayaking, tennis and swimming. Turner Fitness Center is also available to the Scholar.

Even with all that is offered daily, the Scholarship Program is designed to include time set aside for reflection and renewal of one’s spiritual life.

For more information, please contact:

Vicki Carter, Director, Chautauqua Scholarship Program
377 South Harrison Street, Apt. 14 L
East Orange, NJ 07018
973-202-3297 or CHQScholars@gmail.com

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