Who We Are

The International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons (IOKDS) is an interdenominational, intergenerational Christian service organization.  At the international and local levels, we strive to serve all ages and circumstances of need.


If you would like to BECOME A MEMBER or organize a Circle and Lend a Hand with the many projects undertaken by the IOKDS, please contact Headquarters, HQ,  and/or fill out the New Membership Form. International dues are $35.00 annually beginning in 2020.

A Returning Project
IOKDS Stands Together - Apart
May 9, 2020

A Returning Project:  IOKDS Stands Together—Apart Challenge

Due to a wide request for a time extension on this challenge, we are reintroducing it!

The Challenge:

Why?  Since there is no biological vaccine for Covid-19, the behavioral vaccine of social distancing/isolation is needed.  As important as social distancing is to slow the pandemic, a side effect can be emotional risk for personal depression.
Who?  Every IOKDS member accepts the challenge of participation.  IOKDS has 150 adult Circles in North America.
How?  IOKDS initiates tele-emotional health of body, mind, and spirit beginning today.
Where?  In your home.

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Health Careers Scholarship Program
Message from a Health Careers Scholarship Recipient
March 27, 2020

My initial healthcare work experience started as a personal care attendant (PCA) at
Anderson Parkway Cathedral Square in South Burlington, VT. This was when I first encountered and personally learned about the struggles quadriplegic and paraplegic people have to go through everyday.

Fundraiser 2020
Kentucky's ARK Encounter & Creation Museum
September 12 ,2019

Experience the Bluegrass State’s Unbridled Spirit!

Discover the most picturesque town in Kentucky; see the largest collection of White Christmas memorabilia; gaze in awe at the ARK Encounter and the Creation Museum.  Stop at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby.  Visit the Kentucky Artisan Center where everything is Made in Kentucky.   Get a taste of the Bluegrass State as we travel its hilly backroads on a journey you’ll always cherish!

Vacation in Chautauqua
Clergy Renewal Week