Frances Sellew and Susan Kildow

Dear members,

The New Horizons Program was developed in response to the need to inspire, inform, and enrich Order members. Its purpose is to promote enthusiasm, rededication, and growth to ensure the future of The King’s Daughters and Sons. In an effort to make New Horizons more accessible to a larger group of King’s Daughters and Sons and also to non-members who might be attracted to the organization, the Executive board has agreed to New Horizons on the Road (NHOTR). Beginning in 2017, two (2) one or two day sessions will be offered not at Chautauqua but at areas where there are interested people (members and non-members). Besides learning more about our organization, this could be an opportunity for younger members to come together to share ideas and the successes and failures they have encountered. LMCCs and members who participated in New Horizons at Chautauqua are not eligible to attend.

We look forward to nearby Branches or Circles coming together in central locations where there will be a guaranteed minimum of 20 participants. Of course, if your Branch or a Circle wants to host NHOTR without combining with another group, that would be fine. There will be a basic program but also we will make an effort to tailor the information to the needs, interests, and concerns of your members.

The host Branch(es) or Circle(s) will be responsible for the following items:

1. Host(s) must publicize the event and guarantee the minimum of 20 participants.

2. The participants may be a combination of KDS members or folks who have expressed interest in the organization.

3. Host(s) will provide accommodations for the NHOTR leaders.

4. Host(s) must secure the event location, arrange for the meals, and provide requested necessary audio-visual equipment.

5. Branch or Circle leaders will be asked and expected to assist in the presentations.

As there will be only two NHOTR sessions offered in 2017, we encourage you to talk with your Branch Board and Circles concerning hosting NHOTR. We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a date convenient to the NHOTR Committee and you. Contact Headquarters for further information.


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