Several years ago a quick-witted friend said, “Never pray for patience because the Lord will give you many opportunities to practice it.” Patience is in short supply in a world of constantly changing technology, increasingly crowded roadways, a culture that encourages us to always be first, and to chase after an endless variety of consumer goods. Have you noticed that underneath impatience is anger? How many times do we find ourselves thinking “This line is too slow, or this change will take something from me, or that idiot driver cut me off, or my stupid computer just crashed” – the seemingly never ending variations on the theme of “I can’t get what I want, when I want it, in the way that I want it.” How are we to help ourselves and help our fellow KDS members when they are angry, impatient and negative? Dallas Willard, the brilliant Christian author, wrote “Find a person who has embraced anger, and you find a person with a wounded ego.” So, whatever situation you find yourself in, pause and re-think the situation through the lens of empathy. Stay self-aware of your own ability to create hurt through angry words and constant criticism. Take a deep breath and remember that wounded people wound people, pray for patience and thank God that He is not impatient with us.

Christine Dawson, International President

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