All around me I see disruption in people’s lives. Cherished family
members are gone, illness is challenging others, and the news is
constantly filled with decisions that affect millions of people – it all
seems unsettling, to say the least. As a result, many are searching for

I suggest that obtaining our own peace starts with the way KDS members are
giving it to others. In our Circles we walk alongside those who are
grieving, helping them to find peace. As members of Branches, some are
working to bring peace and comfort to those in retirement homes and
seniors housing; others bring peace and support to families though summer
camps and children’s hospitals. There are many other small local projects
which members’ support that helps those in need to reach a level of
comfort and peace.

At the international level, we offer some financial peace to about 100
students who receive our scholarships. We bring college-aged scholars to
Chautauqua where they absorb the practice of civil discourse and peaceable
close living with students from many places; we offer a week of peace to
clergy and spouses during Clergy Renewal Week and we provide accommodation
to many visitors to Chautauqua who could not otherwise afford to come.
Many remark on the peaceful surroundings.

In the midst of all the noise and racket of daily unstoppable disruption,
we must continue to do all we can to create pockets of peace for others.
In the process, we will discover that peace returns to us.

Christine Dawson, International President

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