Recently, I learned that according to the LA Times, the average home in North America has 300,000 items. About 10% of us rent extra off-site storage. Regularly my favourite Bible study teacher would ask, “do you own your stuff or does your stuff own you?” So, when my church issued a re-purposing challenge I decided to take it up. First, I must find a box or bag ready to receive my donations. On day one, I set one thing into the donation box. Day 2, 2 things and so on. I have set my challenge at 10 days so that on day eleven, I will be donating 55 items. With this challenge, everything I donate has to be in good order and useable by someone else – other than that, it can be anything – clothes, books, household items, linens, tools etc. I don’t have a KDS Thrift Store in my city so I will be taking my stuff to another Christian charity shop. John and I went through a significant downsizing 5 years ago, so this may be hard. On the other hand, I can see things in cupboards and closets that haven’t been used in 5 years. On with the challenge! Care to join me?

Christine Dawson, International President

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