Regularly John and I go for an urban hike, walking about 5 kilometres. It’s a must that we stop at our local coffee shop. One of the regulars is a large man who, from all appearances, has not had an easy life. “His” table is the one nearest the bathrooms – not a place that most would choose to sit. To access the bathrooms you have to punch in a code. This gentle giant has given himself the job of telling customers the code and assisting those who can’t seem to get it punched in correctly. In return, he receives many thank yous and smiles. This isn’t the type of man who usually would garner much positive attention. He is a shining example of how gentleness expressed becomes gentleness received. Sometimes we are prone to confusing gentleness with weakness and we might even assume that a gentle person can be easily overridden. That’s not been my experience. My gentlest friends are also some of the most determined. To treat the world with gentleness requires strength of character. I thank God for His unending gentleness.

Christine Dawson – International President

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