It’s the hard part of life’s journey and one that none of us can avoid. Last Sunday Susan Summerbell died after a long, long battle with an unusual form of cancer. She is among the many KDS members whom I miss. I think of those who welcomed me into the Adanac Circle more than 25 years ago – Liz Wilson, Beth MacLeod, Libby Ogilvie and the other dedicated KDS members who passed away too young. I went for a long walk today in the new, crisp snow, often facing into the bitter north wind. I think T.S. Elliot was wrong – April isn’t the cruelest month; for me, at this time, March is. I am grateful for all the strong, brave, talented KDS members whom I have worked alongside. I am grateful for all the KDS members who reach out to the grieving with words of comfort and support. I praise God for His peace and assurance.

Christine Dawson – International President

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