Ever since my hair turned white, young people hold the door open for me. In the old days of my feminist leanings, I would have felt somewhat put out by that. Now I just appreciate it for what it is – a small act of kindness. Those small acts – a gesture, a word of encouragement, go a long way to making an ordinary day become a great day. The KDS acts of kindness thread their way through our Circles, Unions and Branches. Whether it is sewing pillowcase dresses, or knitting plastic mats, or delivering meals-on-wheels or visiting the sick and the shut-ins, or caring for gardens, or donating funds, thousands of acts of kindness are improving our communities. Sometimes members will lament that they are no longer able to do all that they once did. Yes, that is happening to us all. Still, we can find a dozen ways every day to share the natural well-spring of kindness because we know the source of that kindness. Praise God, kindness is contagious.

Christine Dawson, International President

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