Many years ago when I was the Director, Chautauqua Scholarship Department, Kevin Sixbey was a summer employee of the Chautauqua Department of Religion. He and his colleagues organized programs and events for all college aged students on the grounds. Fast-forward 10 years…I ‘m at Chautauqua sailing downhill on my bike when a friendly voice hails me. It’s Kevin. He is now owner of an insurance agency located in Jamestown. As our agents were retiring, Kevin was asked to quote on all our IOKDS insurance needs. With a sharp pencil, a sharp mind and a deep understanding of what we do, Kevin was able to develop a comprehensive and affordable insurance contract. Did I mention that Kevin is a member of the Jamestown Rotary Club? So he invited me to speak at one of their luncheons, which I did. Now a group of well connected local folks are better informed about what we do, about how to help local students with our scholarships and how to offer a week of renewal to their clergy. One of God’s great gifts to us is putting people into our lives who we need.

Christine Dawson – International President

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