How to stop the bunnies from eating the lettuce in the garden before I do. How to sleep through thunderstorms. How to weed the garden and spread mulch without straining my back. How to decide what to have for lunch when the fridge is full. How to fit in a trip to the gym. How to choose what to watch from too many channels. How to avoid checking my phone, computer, and other devices constantly. How to choose white paint from a selection of 19 different colours of white. How to narrow my focus to the tasks at hand and widen my understanding of world events. How to choose from a 6-page menu. How to decide what outfit to wear from a full closet. All first world problems I inherited by an accident of birth into a family, a community, and nation. I thank God for the many KDS members who show me that generosity, gratitude, sharing, careful consumption, and good stewardship are the responsibilities of the living in the first world.

Christine Dawson
International President

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