What stops you from asking? Are you comfortable asking for funds, asking for help, asking a friend to join, or asking your Circle to try a new way or a new project, for example? I do better with some forms of asking. I can and do write proposals for grants, I can suggest a new idea to my Circle and I am able to ask members to volunteer their time and energy. I am less comfortable in asking people to join, although I have done that with some success. Thankfully, many of you have opposite strengths – many of you are great at asking people to join and are great at ensuring that new members feel welcome. I am reminded always of the biblical verses that spell out how the people of God have been given many different talents (1 Cor 7: 7 and 1 Cor. 12:8-11) and given to us for the common good. So, rather than feel that you less able to contribute, know that each KDS member has exactly what we need to further the work of the Kingdom here and now. I thank God for all The KDS members who share their talents, knowledge, faith, wisdom, healing words, teaching and preaching.

Christine Dawson, International President

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