The asbestos tiles have all been removed and the air quality tests are completed.  John is working on rebuilding part of the wooden subfloor that is completely rotten.  I am using a wire brush to clean and scrape the bottom 4” of the walls and the joint between the walls and the concrete floor around the perimeter of the room.  Over fifty years of grit and grime have accumulated and need to be chipped away before the new floor goes down.  As I make my way slowly around the room I find myself thinking about the many ways this small hall has made such a large impact.  This room has seen greetings, meetings, and eating as students, clergy, members and friends have come together.  There have been dozens of cooking teams volunteering in support of programs.  There have been hundreds of presentations by students, members and leaders.  There has been much laughter, sometime a few tears and many friendship made and strengthened.  When the work is complete, our Ethel Rebecca Holt Fellowship Hall will be ready for another 50 years of service.  I am grateful.

Christine Dawson
International President


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