Last Sunday we joined a fellow KDS member and attended his church. It is a church much different from my own. I have worshipped in churches with plain white-washed walls and no ornamentation – this was not like that. I have attended churches with contemporary music blasting from bands – this was not like that. I have attended churches with huge choirs and deep organ music – again, not like this church. But what I saw around me is what I love to see – people of all ages, ethnicities, and styles of dress worshipping God with intensity. I have no way of knowing the heart of God, but I can’t help but think that He loves His people singing and praying and celebrating His goodness in many, many different ways. It is only our feeble humanity that leads us to believe that there is only one right way to worship, one right way to build a church and decorate it, and only one right way to sing or pray or dress. The rituals of a church, its rich history, the sacredness of its words and its objects are all given to us so that we can find meaning in worship. If the members of your Circle attend churches of different denominations, I hope you will make a point of worshipping at each other’s churches. It’s an act of faith.

Christine Dawson
International President

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