Sometimes you hear words first-hand that stick with you and sometimes you have words given to you by others.  This is the case with words spoken by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, a leading voice in change management and gender and business studies.  Her words were heard by member, Dianne Foglesong, which she shared with me by email.  Avivah distinguished between change, which occurs all around us, and transition, which occurs within us.  It made me pause and think about all the internal transitions I have had to make or have chosen to make over my lifetime.  Transitions in roles from student life to working life with a salary, to years of motherhood with babies, back into the workforce, then into retirement with volunteer responsibilities.  Sometimes living in my own country and other times living in a land that was not mine.  Add to that the roles of wife, mother, daughter and friend.  And how much and how fast the world changed around me during all that.  Some transitions were painful, difficult, and unwelcome requiring prayer and perseverance. Others were easier for me to manage and brought joy.  And this is how it is for us as an organization.  The external forces of change continue to bring us challenges and opportunities.  The internal work of transitioning is underway.  Please consider this your personal invitation to help with the process of transitioning by attending General Convention 2018.

Christine Dawson
International President

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