My son has a virtual reality system.  To play, you put on an eye mask that looks like overgrown ski goggles.  Then the headphones come next.  Your mind accepts what is not real which is one of the reasons that no one is allowed to play with this system unsupervised.   It is a wondrous thing to watch someone “sitting” in the lunar module trying to dock it into the mother ship; or, watching someone “attack” aliens. You use actual hand motions just as you would in real life and your body wants to jump, run, crouch or fall – hence the supervision required.  The imaginative minds that created this enterprise, which is both entertainment and art, are to be congratulated.  Now, if someone could just invent a game that is a quiet walk through an English country garden, I might be persuaded to play.  On the other hand, waiting through winter for spring is a real part of life – perhaps I’ll just wait.

Christine Dawson
International President

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