Over the past five months, your Internship Development Committee has been working hard to create unpaid, for-credit internship opportunities for college age students. This is a new program for us, so the learning curve has been steep. There are labour rules, college and university internship standards and requirements, and logistical and budgetary information to absorb. Working with our voluntary leaders and staff, we have now posted 3 opportunities at SUNY, Fredonia and Jamestown Community College. We are offering an Information Systems Development Project Internship, Marketing/Communication Project Internships (2 positions) and a History and Museum Internship. All are for the 2018 summer, beginning in late June and running 4 or 5 weeks. We have designed these internships to include participation in Chautauqua lectures, interviews with various Chautauqua staff as well as a full range of tasks that will help us with our projects. Working with the internship coordinators at the local colleges, we are planning to host a Professional Development Session for all interns on the grounds. Currently, the idea is that The KDS would provide a place and refreshments with the college coordinators providing the content. That way interns have the chance to meet each other and we have a chance to increase our visibility with them. We still have work to do – a handbook to develop and hopefully students to interview and select. It’s always exciting to get to the stage of being able to offer an opportunity to a young person. I am so thankful for this hard working, idea-generating, experienced, committed group of fellow committee members!

Christine Dawson
International President

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