The General Convention 2018 Call went out to all of our members this week. Along with it were the supporting documents – registration form, 2 sets of bylaws and 2 slates of nominees for leadership position. That’s just 5 documents. But, those 5 documents represent at least 500 hours of work by our members. Starting in June 2017, the Host Committee began to work on the logistics of the convention and the Nominating Committee ramped up its search for candidates. About 6 months ago, the Bylaws Committee started its work on amendments and Mary Short, PRP, started the bylaw revision work. More recently, 22 members agreed to be workshop presenters and began their preparation work. Add to that the members who are writing meditations, reports, blessings, selecting music, planning the fundraisers, and updating procedure manuals to prepare for smooth transitions to the next leaders. The behind-the-scenes work is awesome and it is not over yet. Our office staff will be printing and collating the convention binders, handling registration and dealing with a myriad of details. I am grateful for every person who has said “yes”. My prayer is that the members will make an equal effort to come and participate in the decisions, the fellowship, the learning and the fun. And for those who simply cannot come, I ask that you spend time praying for God’s grace and guidance over the days that we meet. Thank you.

Christine Dawson
International President

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