My Fitbit congratulated me on having walked 1,869 miles or, as we say in Canadian-speak 4,111 kilometres. Evidently that is equivalent to walking the length of Japan. Before you get too excited, please know that I have had this Fitbit for several years and, in fact, have almost worn out the band. Still, it is strange to think that somewhere, on some great cyber-record, my miles are being tracked. This website is doing something that I would never have undertaken for myself because physical miles are not particularly important to me. But there is another type of mile that is. What is important is the number of people who have “gone the extra mile” in service. Often I reach out to members to join a committee, or undertake a specific task, to work on projects, or to respond to difficult questions. As this work requires them to give up time, resources, and energy, I am privileged to be able to see those extra miles adding up. They are my heroes. Those extra miles are not recorded on any great website, or on any iPad or iPhone but live in the heart of the Great I Am. Who are your local IOKDS heroes, your extra-milers? Today is a good day to reach out and say thank you!

Christine Dawson, International President

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