I don’t mind waiting. It doesn’t frustrate me to be in a line at the grocery store, the gas station, or the doctor’s office, for example. That’s time I gain to think undisturbed by phones, computers, devices, or people. I choose not to use express lines at the grocery store because “express” is a code word for “you must exercise great patience with the person who is putting 20 items on the belt, right under the sign that says up to 10 items.” So while I wait in a line and stare off into space, interesting things can happen. I recall a friend who I haven’t spoken to in months and when I call I find there was a good reason to do that. I gain new insight into a problem I have been trying to solve. I remember the title of a book I want to read. So waiting is productive for me. But it is April 16, and we are housebound by a freezing rainstorm. There are bad road conditions, power outages, traffic accidents, school closures and transit slow downs. All the effects that we expect in winter. We should be out raking the lawn, cleaning up the winter debris and looking for emerging spring flowers. I said that I don’t mind waiting but what I should have added is that I am tired of waiting for spring. It’s been too long a wait. T.S. Elliot wrote April is the cruelest month. Today I agree. Come spring, come quickly!

Christine Dawson
International President

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