You can’t miss it when you drive down the street in Brookhaven MS. The large Maltese Cross on the upper side of The King’s Daughters Medical Center is visible, welcoming and identifying. The KDS founders knew that “the sign we wear” would help people find us and learn more about us. It was designed to be a sign that we are ready to serve. With our recent re-painting of the Ida A. Vanderbeck Chapel, Chautauqua, we made sure that the Maltese Crosses under each window along the sides of the chapel were replaced with ones that will never rot and we carefully hand painted them in silver with a purple outline. The large one that faces the street will have the same treatment. The crosses are more visible to passers-by and help identify us. Where is your Maltese Cross? If you own a facility or use one for your meetings, is the Maltese Cross on display? When you go to events, do you remember to wear yours? Our Maltese Cross is more than jewelry, more than insignia, it is an outward sign of our inward commitment to serve. Let it shine!


Christine Dawson
International President

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