If I were to start a career as a rapper, I would choose the handle R.K.IK, pronounced archaic.   That reflects how I feel when I meet the next best thing in technology.   Whatever I am trying to learn to do, my limitations are clear. My thumbs won’t tap fast enough, software never feels intuitive, I get nagged by the thing on my wrist to get up and move when I would rather lie down and rest, and the icloud rains idrops on me.  The struggle is real.  But fellow strugglers are never far away and together we commiserate as we watch a 4-year who can’t read more than a dozen words navigate a web-based game with ease.   I have files of photos on my desktop that will never see the light of day while my ancient photo albums stand ready to be seen.    I can only work from a screen for so long before some poor tree has to sacrifice itself to my printer.  I love the look and feel of words on paper – can’t help it, I was born this way.  Recently I heard one of my fellow KDS leaders say that she hoped our Silver Cross magazine would continue forever.  Me, too.

Christine Dawson

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