Weekly, my trip to the heart of the city includes an 8-block walk along a major city street. There are “regulars” on every block holding out cups and signs with some version of the “cold, tired and hungry” message. They wear their hard lives on their faces, and keep all their worldly possessions stacked around them. Their mental health issues or addictions or a combination of both compounds their homelessness.

Whatever the sources of their problems are, I am ashamed to be part of a society that has come to see their plight as a problem too big and too complex to solve. My comfortable life rarely leaves me cold, tired and hungry all at the same time, and when that happens I have solutions for any discomfort at my fingertips.

I praise God for The KDS projects that provide low-income housing, and those that provide meal programs and I praise God for the individual KDS members who support the work of the Christian street services. It’s advent – the season of anticipation and celebration and a time to remember that the Son of Man had nowhere to lay his head.

Christine Dawson, International President

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