I belong to a very small Circle in southern Ontario. Our members are so geographically spread out that we meet only 4 times per year. At every meeting we raise some Circle funds through our “Books for a Loonie” (translation: you can buy the gently used books we bring for one dollar each) and other small sales. Small sales add up. At our most recent meeting, our Circle Treasurer brought forward the idea that we could double, double the dollars we donate to the 2020 Celebration Capital Campaign. We have set aside some of our Circle funds for Circle-matching. For every dollar donated by one of our Circle members through the Circle Treasurer, the Circle will match it. Of course we have set an upper limit. I like the math on this one – if I donate $50, and the Circle matches it making it $100, and then the What-So-Ever Circle matches that, all of a sudden my $50 has become $200! If you missed the ad for this campaign, see page 17, Winter 2018, The Silver Cross, or go to www.ioks.org home page. Then, please, go talk to your Circle. I praise God for the generosity of ideas, energy and funds of all our members.

Christine Dawson
International President

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