Like many others around the world, I was stopped in my tracks by the news that the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was burning. This majestic, seemingly indestructible, ancient seat of faith was vulnerable to destruction. The work of centuries of builders, stone masons, architects, carvers, glass workers, and artists had created a legacy – and that legacy was threatened. Jesus taught us not to store up our earthily treasurers and He himself never created an endowment, a cathedral, a procedure manual, or a Board of Directors. And yet, as we all know, His legacy is profound, life-altering and resilient. Can we do the same? As Jesus did, are we willing to invest in relationships, in developing leaders, in helping those on the margins, in building communities and in teaching and living ways of peace and grace? I see it happening in every community where our members are active and I thank God for you and everything you do.

Christine Dawson, International President

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