Emily A. Dugan – Communications Intern

I can’t think of a time in my life where I felt so much curiosity. Chautauqua is full of questions and flooding with answers. I thought about college today and how it developed me as a young adult. But much too often I consumed my mind with figuring out life rather than learning about life. I was too worried about routines, deadlines and keeping up with the rest of the world rather than finding interest and passion in my own life.

The best part of my first week here at Chautauqua was realizing that I have potential to impact the world. Realizing that I don’t need to own my own business, but I need to own my leadership. I don’t need to control what happens, but rather control what I have control over. My first week here has been nothing short of an interesting, fun-filled, and engaging life. My will to expand my knowledge, my constant urge for new conversation, and my passion for making friends and connections are all due to my time here thus far at CHQ. Oh and I must mention that my fellow interns Olav, Ania, and Genevieve have impacted me in such a way I will forever be grateful for. Whether we are making new friends, having movie night or laughing at our inside jokes, they keep me sane and motivated. Xoxo

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