Pouring old and new business into a leadership retreat sometimes leaves participants falling asleep.  However, this year’s IOKDS Officer and Board retreat felt like drinking out of a fire hose.  We were awake!

Our President arranged and presided over two days of concentrated and vital information for decision making with both immediate and long-term outcome strategies being developed.  I applaud our leader for setting the tone that allowed Directors to analyze different perspectives of geography and experience before reaching conclusions.

I applaud our Vice President for sharing heart felt devotions that represented our basic, inter- denominational Christian values. With that foundation, the group’s focus centered on the best interest of our members and those we serve.  We are fortunate to have a Secretary and Treasurer whose work guarantees our mission today and tomorrow.

I applaud our guest speakers who shared their professional expertise in branding and communication helping us begin to apply new information crucial to our organizational health.  While keeping things the same can feel easiest, ignoring problems and weaknesses will drive us into the ground.  There is work to be done.  Watch for steps of progress on our iokds.org website and IOKDS Facebook page.

I applaud the dedication and work of my fellow directors.  Through their department guidance, our entire organization is Moving Forward!  I cherish the dinner fellowship which fuels our team.  When our Nominating Committee contacts you, there are a lot of reasons to say yes.  Most days, I’m glad I did.

Dianne Foglesong, Communications Director, IN

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