Music, particularly singing, has always been a part of my life. I grew up singing in all the groups I could join all through my public school years: mixed choirs, girls’ glee clubs, Madrigal choir, and of course my church choir. I also played trumpet in our Jr. High-High School bands.

I took a break during college years and early married life, where I did my singing with our babies and pre-schoolers: but I eventually got back into my church choir. Then I was invited to join the best musical therapy group ever. “Columbia Mothersingers” is a local group of 40 women who meet every Thursday morning during the public school calendar, and has been my group therapy for the past 42 years. The group has only two requirements—you have to be a mother and enjoy singing. We do not have non-profit status, but we certainly are a charitable organization. We perform at no charge for care facilities on the four Thursdays prior to Christmas, and then do a musical performance including a skit for the 21 elementary schools in Columbia, MO, during the Spring Term.

While all this provides a personal uplifting feeling of bringing Christmas into the lives of those in the care facilities, we really hope that our Spring Concerts result in instilling music appreciation in lives of the young listeners. However, the camaraderie among our members, the support in times of need and the love we share is better therapy in many instances than seeing a professional therapist. We not only sing together, but support each other through stressful times with love and prayer. We consider ourselves “a very large extended family.”

If you need a little singing therapy in a small group, why not sing with the KDS choir at the 2020 General Conference. All you have to do is check the “choir” box on the registration form, show up for quick rehearsals, and be greeted with open arms. See you singing in 2020?

Carole Babel
Past International President

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