Our daughter has recently co-authored an educational enrichment book entitled, “Better Together.” The book focuses on how working together eases the workload, brings new ideas into the classroom, strengthens the learning process and builds relationships.

When applied to KDS, having a Circle Project can bring new life to the group, which strengthens the circle, the Union/District, on up to the Branch, eventually reaching the entire KDS organization. My Hazel Ebert Circle needed to raise money to help us make a substantial pledge each year to our Branch Project, the King’s Daughters Home in Mexico, MO. We tried several individual fundraising opportunities that were not successful. Many years ago our City Union needed a new place to meet and a caterer to serve lunch four times per year. My circle volunteered to give it try, and we are still doing it. Cooking in the kitchen preparing food, setting tables in the dining room and cleaning up and washing dishes after the meeting has helped us retain and grow members through the years because we are all working together for a common service to others.

Another circle was on the verge of disbanding when someone brought to their circle the idea for the pillowcase dresses. Everyone had a job whether it was cutting, sewing, adding buttons, cleanup, fixing snacks. They are once again thriving because they discovered the joy and productivity of work together. A very small circle decided to take on a huge project of planning concerts using students from the public schools, local colleges and the University of Missouri. Again, everyone had a job, excited others to participate, brought in new members and have just completed two successful years of raising funds to support the Columbia KDS-sponsored Dental Aid Program.

If your circle is struggling to stay alive, if you feel you are in rut, or if you’re wondering how to build enthusiasm and strengthen relationships, I heartily encourage you to look around for a project that involves everyone working together. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. For instance, try making flower baskets for hospital patients, collecting books for children or adult daycare facilities, writing notes and sending cards to KDS scholarship students. Just find something that involves everyone in some small way working to be “Better Together.”

Carole Babel
Past International PResident

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