As patterns of religious and philanthropic participation are changing across all types of groups and organizations, I think about IOKDS, an international, interdenominational, and intergenerational Christian organization. Trends of lower religious affiliation and activity may be leading to less charitable time and money giving as well as less community engagement. Can our local, state/province, and federal governments take care of all the human needs in our divisive, individualistic culture?

I returned this weekend from the Indiana Branch Convention. Hearing the wisdom of long-time members as well as hearing the message of hope for our organization from the New Horizons program left me feeling enriched by the presence of others. While there are a lot of idea festivals occurring across North America, I appreciated the deep spiritual roots embedded in our IOKDS ideas and mission of lending a hand to those in need of all ages and circumstances.

Have you or someone you know been yearning for feelings of purpose and joy in your/their life? When one is not interested or unable to commit to membership in an active Circle, the IOKDS Member-at-large opportunity is a good way to try out the IOKDS and see the impact of our membership community. By joining as a Member-at-large, your dues are contributing to our mission. Before you know it, a Member-at-large will likely find a way to contribute their lending hand in service. No act of kindness is too small to be a part of our organization.

Dianne Foglesong
Communications Director

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