My husband, David, grew up with parents who both had “green thumbs.”  Their love of gardening planted a seed in him so that as an adult he took classes and became a Master Gardener.  During our years of summer trips to Chautauqua, he and Ron Carter spent many days working to make the properties sustainable with perennial plants wherever possible.  Those seeds have continued to flourish.

David was instrumental in establishing a Memorial Prayer Garden at our church where ashes are interred.  He and the Garden Committee add new plantings each year and watch them burst into bloom as Spring turns to Summer and Fall.  We have six planters along the sidewalk that one year produced a big surprise.  When weeding one planter, a gardener notice a strange plant hiding under the sweet potato vines.  After Sunday school the children and adults went out each week to see what was developing.  Surprise!!  A stray watermelon seed had found its way into the planter, germinated and grew into a beautiful melon.  At the fall picnic, the children all got to enjoy the juicy fruit.

Now we know that agricultural seeds are not the only kind of seeds to plant.  Look around you and see the need to plant seeds of kindness, caring, helping, serving, condolence, and the list goes on.  Talk to others about the work of IOKDS and plant seeds of fellowship, Christian service, scholarship opportunities.  Plant IOKDS seeds of interest in membership; then invite people to join this longest existing Christian service organization and watch our KDS grow!

Carole Babel
Past International President

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