A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having a wonderful lunch with one of the remaining members of our old Omicron Circle, who fortunately like me, has stayed connected with IOKDS through her membership as a Member-At-Large.  As we were sitting at a table awaiting our fancy lunch to arrive, I noticed she was a little distracted and kept looking around the dining room and out the window to a gorgeous view of the grounds.  I was starting to get a little concerned about this, and started looking around the room myself, when she finally said to me, “Cathy, excuse me for not giving you my full attention, but I can’t stop looking around.  I normally don’t sit at this table and the view is quite different.”  Wow!  That stuck with me!  So much in fact, that when I went later that evening to the nursing home to help feed my mom her dinner at the table she normally sits at, I talked to the attending nurse.  I told her about my “change of view” lunch and how changing table assignments around might be nice for all nursing home residents as well.  She was extremely interested in this, saying she’d bring it up at their next meeting.  A change of view….isn’t it wonderful that God gives us new sights to see and opens up our hearts and minds to consider and enjoy?  As we look forward and move forward in our IOKDS work, let us be willing to change our normal seat and be open to different views and perspectives.

Catherine Duncan
International Secretary
New York Branch Secretary/Spiritual Life Director

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