My twin sister, Beth, and I shared a bedroom growing up. Her twin bed was by the window, just how she liked it…so she could look out and see things. My twin bed was on the wall side of the room, just how “shy me” liked it…so I could face the wall. One bedtime ritual that was always a must do, was to have my night light turned on…you, see I was afraid of the dark! One night, when Beth couldn’t sleep, she crept over and turned off my night light! Guess what I shouted at the top of my lungs when I woke up in the middle of the night and my night light wasn’t on? Yup, I screamed, “My Light, My Light!” Mom, of course ran in and saved the night and turned back on the light….Beth got in a little trouble for that one.

When I look back on that childhood memory now, I think how important “My Light…My Light”…the night light… was to me. How I thought that it was the night light that I needed. And now, I think how fortunate I am that with God’s help, I’ve come to realize that while I still want other lights, He is the only light I truly need. I’ve been able to change the phrasing to “My Light…My Light…Let It Shine…Let It Shine!” God so wants us to spread His word to others using the gifts He blessed us with. I’m still a big time introvert, but with God’s help lighting my way, I’ve been able to lead Mission Support Squadrons in the United States Air Force, to tell stories and preach behind a pulpit as a Lay Servant, and now to spread my wings within I.O.K.D.S. using my writing skills to serve as Secretary. How has God gifted you to shine? How has God gifted you to “be the light” for I.O.K.D.S.? That is our never ending task…to discover…and to share…and to serve “In His Name”.

Cathy Duncan
International Secretary

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