On November 9, 2019, I had the privilege of celebrating 30 years of the Fall of the Wall in Berlin, Germany. On a casual walk in East Berlin, my eye caught these words painted on a courtyard entry way arch: “We know who you are… We know what you do.” I caught my breath.

As I freely walked to Checkpoint Charlie, I thought about what I was doing in 1961 when the first barbed wire fences were erected around the border of West Berlin. I thought about the feelings of family members living in the same city as the barrier quickly became an imprisoning cement wall separating them for 28 years. Was it to keep people inside or as the Communists said, to keep capitalism out?

As I watched the fireworks and heard the music of celebration at the Brandenburg Gate, I thought about what I was doing in 1989 when East Germany announced an easing of travel restrictions to the west and scores of east Germans peacefully demanded passage through that gate climbing on top and over the wall. Freedom’s joyous feelings of excitement remained in the air 30 years after the event being celebrated.

Later I read the New York Times’ perspective in an article about the fall of the wall saying: The Communist regime was prepared for everything “except candles and prayers.” Our IOKDS members have known the power of prayer since 1886. I believe prayer is powerful today.

Dianne Foglesong
IOKDS Communications Director

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