Since before Christmas, I’ve been trying to get over this “nagging cough”… I can’t seem to get rid of it! It made me miss out on many of my family and friends’ Christmas traditional events, but my cough has also made me want to look closer into 2020.

To help battle my cough, I’ve been sucking down cough drops. One bag I bought was the honey/lemon flavor, which grabbed my attention because it said, “New Look” in bright red ink. I started taking them but didn’t notice the “new look.” That is until I was discarding the wrapper, and some blue lettering on it caught my attention. I looked closer. Here’s what was written on it in capital letters: “A PEP TALK IN EVERY DROP.” Also written on the wrapper in lower case letters were the following motivational phrases: “Be unstoppable;” “Turn “can do” into “can did!” “Push on!” “Bet on yourself.” Wow! Had I not “looked closer,” I would have missed these cheerful messages.

The next cough drop I unwrapped, I looked closer. The motivational phrases were different: “You’ve survived tougher;” “Don’t waste a precious minute;” “Don’t give up on yourself;” and, “The show must go on. Or Work.” Now, I’m wondering what they will say next! The next wrapper didn’t disappoint: “Don’t try harder. Do harder;” Keep your chin up;” “Inspire envy;” and “March forward!” Now, it’s almost like I can’t wait to need another cough drop! I find these cough drop wrappers have uplifted me! I’ve been accomplishing things on my “to do” list instead of procrastinating! All because I chose to “look closer.”

As we move into 2020, I want to start looking even more closely…not to my cough drop wrappers…but for the numerous messages God is sending my way every single day, if I look. I wonder how many of His uplifting motivational messages I’ve missed. I don’t want to miss anymore! IOKDS doesn’t want us to miss any either! Our motto, Look up and not down, look forward and not back, look out and not in, points out our need to look closer in all directions…to lend the helping hand…and do what God has messaged us to do. Let our 2020 resolution be to “look closer.”

Cathy Duncan
International Secretary

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