Photography reflects who we are, how we are keeping pace, and the times surrounding us. Following the instant, hard copy, Polaroid days, today’s smart phone photography captures the moment digitally. Moreover, the bombardment of digital images taken in that moment can all be stored in the cloud rather than fading in a picture album.

Website research shows that 91% of website visitors feel photos say a thousand words. Hence, for our organization to tell our story and share our mission, we need quality photos and video film. In fact, studies also show more attention to narrative text in all channels of social media communication when accompanied with photos or graphics.

Whenever you are serving others or enjoying fellowship with IOKDS members, watch for the right moment to capture our mission with the camera click. While the most famous smile in the world painted by Leonardo da Vinci over 500 years ago is not saying cheese, IOKDS member smiles say a lot when shared.

Dianne Foglesong, Communications Director

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