A Moment in IOKDS History
Ladies Home Journal Article Excerpt from Margaret Bottome’s featured column, “Heart to Heart Talks with The King’s Daughters”…January 1891

“Two Windows”

“A friend in Berlin last summer told me the following story which helped me so much that I give it to you:
“The dingy panes of glass in the house opposite had troubled me whenever I chanced to look across the narrow street I lived in. Strange, I thought, that people will be content inside such windows, when they might have such glorious light let in if they only apply a little soap and water. And one day as the stout German maid came into my own little parlor with her pail and sponge and brush on house-cleaning thoughts intent, I was conscious of a great access of self-complacency as I felt my own superiority, as a house-wife, to my neighbor over the way. I went out for a little walk to give Hedwig undisputed sway in the parlor; and coming home and hour or so later, looked up at my own windows. How they shone in the light of the setting sun! The work had been done well, evidently. Getting inside my room again, how they shone within as well as without, and—oh, marvelous revelation!-as I looked out on God’s evening world to see how fair it was, how my neighbor’s windows shone, too! I called to Hedwig. In vain I plied her with queries. ‘While you washed windows, the maid opposite washed also, nicht wahr?’ ”No, madam, ours were dirty,’ answered the honest girl without hesitation.” Was it true? Yes; I learned a lesson there and then. When our own windows are clean and clear, other people’s windows look amazingly clean and clear also. If our neighbor’s glass appears dingy, let us send for soap and water for our own. And if this be true of glass windows, what may not be said with equal truth in regard to “glass houses”.

The truer and nobler and purer we become ourselves; the more quickly we shall see that which is ture and noble and pure in others.”

Margaret Bottome

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