Just like it is important to have an annual physical for your body, it is important for IOKDS members to regularly examine their Circle, Branch, City Unions, Chapters, and the International facets of our organization. Perhaps you have experience in SWOT analysis which involves brainstorming internal strengths and weaknesses along with external threats and opportunities.

By analyzing risk around opportunity, realistic goals can be set. For instance, internal strengths can be used to take advantage of opportunities and to minimize threats. Weaknesses can be improved by taking advantage of opportunities. And weaknesses can be eliminated in some cases to avoid threats.

At the Leadership Retreat that followed Conference 2019, each International director and officer went to work establishing their section for the IOKDS strategic plan. Since then every IOKDS International Board meeting involved decisions about allocating resources to pursue these agreed upon strategies.

Communication plays a part in external competition with other nonprofits for members and donations. While most nonprofit websites are upgraded or redone every two years, the iokds.org website is outdated being three years old. With the rapid development of digital communication technics and with generous donations of our members, your Board moves forward taking the opportunity for our iokds.org website to be updated. Consequently, coming soon in 2020, you will be able to register and pay for a room at one of the IOKDS houses in Chautauqua online just like you do on Air B&B or VRBO websites. Members-at-large will be able to register online to become IOKDS members as well as pay their dues online. They will also receive an automatic renewal notice alleviating office staff workload. And members and friends will be able to make donations designating their favorite project online in less than three clicks. A special thanks goes to our IOKDS webmaster for facilitating the turn-around process of making our website a new strength for our organization. Enjoy using these features.

Dianne Foglesong, IN
Communications Director

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