When people become “of a certain age,” which can mean at any age of their choosing, they begin to think about downsizing. David and I have reached that stage in our lives where there seems to be more clutter than we know how to handle. Too many collectibles, too many books, too many dishes, too many clothes, too much furniture, too many rooms. If we really plan to move into a more manageable living arrangement, where do we begin to eliminate some of the “too manys” to make that happen?

The same is true of our daily lives. Sometimes we come home exhausted because we’ve had too much to do, too many meetings, too many appointments, too many responsibilities in a day or week. Where do you start to downsize in your commitments?

My dad was a firm believer in taking things one day at time. This practice could also apply to downsizing. Start with one of your “too manys” working with it until you have it under control, then move on to the next. Learning to say no is a very difficult lesson to ace, whether it is in regard to things or activities; but that is the way to begin one day at a time slowly simplifying and downsizing your possessions and your life.

Carole Babel, MO
Past International President

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