I am definitely not a fan of amusement park rollercoasters.  When our children were much younger, I would put on my “brave face” to ride with them.  I did not want them to know how terrified I really was.  On a trip to Disneyland, the family was in line for particular ride that combined rollercoaster and darkness.  Our youngest daughter got to the top of the boarding ramp and refused to get on the ride.  I was so relieved when she needed someone to escort her back down the ramp.  I volunteered for the job, and she and I rode the teacups while we waited for the rest of our adventurous family.

Now we seem to be riding different kinds of rollercoasters.  Here in Missouri we call it a weather rollercoaster, especially on weekends.  January has brought three weekend storms causing many cancellations, with warmer weather during the week.  That is typical of Missouri weather whatever the season.  We ride such a weather rollercoaster that people here remark, “If you don’t like the weather today, just wait for the change tomorrow.”  Since I’m a Missourian by birth, this is the kind of rollercoaster I’ve learned to accept and enjoy.

Life itself is a rollercoaster which is ridden by everyone.  We all experience ups and downs during our lifetime, sometimes as often as daily.  Our coaster takes us on this ride through health and sickness, through happy times and days of sorrow, through relationships and those challenges, financial ups and downs, and mood changes that dictate whether we are having a great day or a ho-hum blah kind of day.  Such is life, and life’s rollercoaster is the one ride on which everyone has a seat.

Carole Babel, MO
Past International President

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