We are in the midst of dealing with COVID-19 pandemic changing our daily lives for months to come. Looking back to excerpts from “Heart to Heart Talks” in The Ladies Home Journal, March 1902, we find a sermonette written by our founder, Margaret Bottome, with application for today.

May I say to you, dear Daughters, when the March winds blow through your spirit, are the winds so contrary to wear a smile? Of course, anyone can smile when they feel like it, but to smile when you don’t feel like it takes bravery.  You must be brave, you must not lose for one moment the companionship of Hope.  Perhaps I have not told you that I have taken Hope as my companion for 1902. I find her such a lovely companion.  You know you have only to wait. It will not be March always; April will soon be here.


But of course, she does not say that you will not cry in April.  You probably will, but April will have sunshine as well as tears; and then there will come May.  Be patient and endure hopefully.  I want you to grow in faith, hope, and love that will make you not only able to bear your burdens joyfully, but also glad that you are so strong that you can carry them.

Go at things that must be done with the feeling of an athlete, delighted at the chance of being able to try your strength.

Catherine Duncan, International Secretary

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