This past Sunday was a day of calm in the storm as I felt God’s presence surrounding me and giving me rest and hope.  Not that He doesn’t surround me every single day, because He does!  But, this Sunday felt different because I couldn’t attend Sunday church service due to my self- quarantine after just returning from a trip to California.  Though I’m feeling fine and not knowingly exposed to COVID-19 during my travels, I wanted those around me to be safe just in case I was.  And, so, I couldn’t attend church service, but wanted to!

My Sunday began as I begin every weekday day with a cup of coffee in one hand and my Upper Room devotional in the other.  What captured my eye right away was the devotional title, “Road Less Traveled” and the thought of the day, “When I give up worrying, I can more fully rely on God.”  A great start for sure!  Then, as I was relaxing over breakfast, I decided to listen to the new CD I bought when I was in Palm Springs…the WAYKEY CD was entitled, “Amazing Grace,” a collection of songs played on a Native American flute.  The first song, of course, was “Amazing Grace”… I think I listened more closely because it sounded a little different to me…more peaceful and relaxing.  The next song on the CD was, “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”…again, how appropriate for it was an excellent reminder to me that in times like these, God is our bridge over troubled waters.  In listening to this CD, it was a perfect calm in the storm.

Later before dinner, my sister had texted me that her Northway Church (Clifton Park, N.Y.) had an on-line church service and that I should check it out.   I’ve never done that before, but I did.  It was an hour filled with meaningful music and songs, and ended with a most powerful message by their preacher, Pastor Buddy Cremeans.  He creatively tied thoughts and scripture together, highlighting:

  • “My Pillow” to give me rest in a restless world is God.
  • “Take My Yoke”…God helps carry our loads.
  • We need to “stay positive,” “stay disciplined,” “stay present,” and “be ready.”
  • Time for the Church to be the Church; we are the heart of God.
  • When the world grows darker, believers shine brighter.

Yes, this past Sunday was God’s unexpected gift…a day of calm in the storm.  A gentle reminder that wherever I am, God is there also, shouldering my worries and giving me rest and hope for tomorrow.  All I have to do is look and listen for His music.

Cathy Duncan, International Secretary


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