Staring at a blank page for hours that turned in to days, I struggled with content and getting a newsletter out in a timely fashion. Drifting from one idea to the next, I felt like I was wasting hours of time.

On one day when I felt compelled to just get up and walk away from the computer and get something done, I began tackling a job I’ve been putting off for years…sorting through a box of my Mom’s collection of IOKDS material which she had saved and stored in her cellar untouched since 2012. What I thought was just going to be a box full of old Omicron Circle meeting minutes and old New York Branch reports turned out to be a priceless gift box of IOKDS history to behold, read, and share.

This now became my focus, and I put my newsletter on hold as I sorted through the really old pamphlets which included the following topics: “Significance of the Order,” “History of the Order,” “Christian Leadership,” and “Organizing a Circle.”  I found other pamphlets outlining various IOKDS services like “Admission Service,” “Candlelight Service,” and “Service of Remembrance.”   I found 52 copies of the song pictured above. I found the sign-in attendance log book for New York’s Northern District Annual Meetings held between 1912 – 1954. Wow! I thought my having writer’s block was a waste of time, but it wasn’t….it turned out to be a gift of time…time redirected to unearth IOKDS treasures.

And it’s another timely lesson to remember that we have to trust in God always. God is our time keeper…and His watch is always set at the correct time. And, time with Him is never wasted. We need to “Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for Him” (Psalm 37:7). Always! Because all time with God is “Time Well Spent.”

By Cathy Duncan, International Secretary, NY

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