A recent Pew Research poll found that four in ten millennials, ages 24-39 years, now say they are religiously unaffiliated which is nearly equivalent to the number of millennials who identify themselves as Christians. What does this mean for IOKDS?

Because our long-term organizational future depends on attracting young members, the statistic tells us that the pool of young adult Christians is shrinking which reduces our chances of attracting millennials as members. It means that just because my parents joined, a millennial probably won’t do so automatically. Moreover, that probably means we must actively market our organization in a contemporary way. And finally, it means we have to use digital communication to reach millennials because they have grown up with a mobile smart phone and digital tablet in hand.

Follow us on the IOKDS Facebook page. “Likes” are appreciated, but “Shares” and your brief “Comments” extend our communication reach further. According to Business Insider, Facebook is the most used social network among US millennials with 58.5 million of them using the platform this year. We need to keep casting both our local and international membership nets into this big pool.

Dianne Foglesong, IN
Communications Director

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