What a pleasure to move into a brand new accessible building after living in a government run bed bug cockroach infested building and with a flooded area of tornado winds, knocking me over and breaking my shoulder bone.

Everywhere we go there are push buttons for all the doors, and larger doorways for the wheelchairs.  It was like walking through the gates of heaven for wheelchair people, everything handy and perfect.

We are very fortunate to live in an apartment on the main floor right across from the recycling, compost, and garbage room.  It is a huge room with four garbage bins for the entire two sections of the building.  Just outside the door there is a glass wall that gives us a direct view of the front door on the ground floor below.  Just around the corner is the laundry room for this floor and one of the lounges where we have dinner party meetings.

The building is so very quiet.  The residents are very nice and I knew this from being a member of The King’s Daughters and Sons for years and attending many Circle and Ottawa City Union meetings at the original building.  I spent three days unpacking the first shipment of boxes delivered in a cube van.

Several ladies offered to help me unpack.  One lady gave me a blow up bed to sleep on the first night as the weather was very bad so I decided to stay overnight.  The caretaker is very friendly and very nice to the residents.  He goes out of the way to help, gave me a key to the guest room for the second stormy night, and took all the empty boxes downstairs for me, saving many steps and back breaking work.  When the second cube van arrived, thanks to our church friends, the caretaker again carried all the empty boxes for recycling downstairs.  Then the final truck brought the furniture some of which is stored upstairs in a friend’s unit.  Our unit is somewhat smaller than our former unit.

The kitchen is a real blessing to use.  It has lots of cupboards along one wall and is designed perfectly for any person including a person in a wheelchair.  It has been a real pleasure to cook and bake.

The bathroom is huge.  A wheelchair can be driven into the shower.  There are lots of grab bars for the disabled.

The halls are kept very clean and that is not easy with people and wheelchairs coming inside.  The parking lot is kept clean of snow as there is a bobcat on the property all the time.  A sub-contractor comes in and plows and spreads gravel.

There are two lounges, one is carpeted where the the dinner party meetings are held.  There is a library section with puzzles, cards, games, and a large television.  The other lounge has a fridge, stove, cupboards, tables, and chairs.  A pool table is a work in progress.  A grocery bus is available once a week and a nurse comes once a month.

May the hands of God bless the Circles of the Ottawa City Union of The King’s Daughters and Sons and the Project Managers, Pat Fisher and Walter Davidson.

Marion Warriner
KDS Village

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