My Circle is small and our members are spread out over Southern Ontario so it is our tradition to meet 4 or 5 times per year in the good weather months.   When the challenge to reach out in a deliberate way to check on our members was issued, Heather Whitehouse, our Circle President, created a call list and we each accepted our task to stay in touch.  Heather added an additional element and that was to check not just once but weekly until this immediate crisis was over.    It has been fun for me to be in regular touch with Libby.  We have shared updates, family stories, and plans by email and phone conversations.   We could have done that even without the challenge but life being what it is and with the upside-down world of COVID-19, frankly, I needed this prompting! Remember that Circle member you have not seen for a while?  Your re-connection opportunity is as close as your phone.

Thank you Dianne Foglesong, Communication Director, for coming up with this challenge.

In His Name

Christine Dawson
Immediate Past President

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