As we hunker down at home to help flatten the pandemic curve, our time and routines change in multiple ways.  What are you discovering about yourself and others during this time?

I am learning about how empathy unfolds creativity from homemade signs of encouragement taped in house windows to neighborhood donations via Venmo sending restaurant deliveries to our dedicated hospital staff.  Already some Circle Presidents report that members are accepting the IOKDS Stands Together-Apart Challenge initiated less than a week ago.  While virtual life bursts forth in many innovative electronic ways, one on one interaction appears to be valued even more while we are physically apart for an undetermined period.  The Bonafada Circle in Ohio reports that their members’ telephone communication puts smiles on faces.  With this success, they adapt the IOKDS telephone plan to a person making five calls per day from their church directory.

During a crisis time, it is essential to take care of ourselves so that we can continue ministering to others.  Our active prayers include those who are ill as well as gratitude for all the health care providers, first responders, and essential workers.  IOKDS Stands Together-Apart.

Dianne Foglesong
Communications Director

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