With all this unscheduled time available right now due to sheltering at home, like many others we have been busy catching up on the long-neglected chores.  David has been busy with outside yard work, and together we have been decluttering inside the house.  Obviously we have devoted more than ONE HOUR to these projects, so you may be wondering about the title for this blog.

While organizing and downsizing our bookshelves, I found a small book entitled For This One Hour, by William Arthur Ward.  Mr. Ward has an amazing list of things that are possible to do for ONE HOUR.  His list reads, “For This One Hour I can be grateful, I can be cheerful, I can be optimistic, I can spend some time in prayer, I can be unselfish, I can look for the best in others, I can make someone happy, I can be forgiving, I can be generous and I can live in the present.”  Notice that he does not say could/would/should but says he CAN do these things.

The first can-do is to be grateful.  That immediately brought to mind my friend Meredith, who is doing many of these things without even realizing it.  Last week Meredith began a 100-day Facebook posting called “Gratitude.”  Each morning she posts something for which she is grateful, and I look forward to these posts.  Some posts are cheerful, some are optimistic, some make people happy, and they certainly show that she is living in the present.  So you can see how easy it is to fill your days with ONE HOUR of these positive actions and thoughts.

While we are separated from family and friends through social distancing, why not take up the challenge to find time for these ONE HOUR can-dos.  Working on each of these tasks may lessen the stress in your life, and it may end each day leaving you feeling uplifted by what you have accomplished.

Carole Babel, MO
25th Past International President

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  1. Great blog, Carole. I am making gowns for those who distribute food at different centres here in Ottawa during the coronavirus. The only thing is that it takes TWO hours to sew each gown. Oh well; two hours well spent.

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