The beginning of May is a special time for my family due to the abundance of birthdays and anniversaries.  It also signals the return to the outdoors and the return of warmer weather with yard work.   I don’t have a green thumb, but my grandfather absolutely loved his beautiful garden where he spent hours nurturing and growing vegetables.

As kids, my sister Beth and I rode our bikes down to visit my grandfather and sample the merchandise.  Believe it or not, our garden favorite was peas, preferably raw, but we also liked them freshly cooked as grandma served them in warm milk.  Anyway, thinking about my grandpa’s garden and his peas made me think of a beautiful poem I read that was published in Poems for The King’s Daughters and Sons, 2008.  The poem was titled, “Suggestions for a Good Garden”; the author was listed as unknown.  Here’s how it reads:

“Plant three rows of peas –

Preparedness, Participation, Pondering.

Plant them next to three rows of squash –

Squash gossip, Squash unnecessary criticism, Squash indifference.

Then add four rows of lettuce –

Let us be faithful.  Let us be unselfish. Let us be truthful. Let us love one another.

No garden is complete without turnips –

Turn up for a neighbor’s need.  Turn up with an encouraging word.  Turn up for church. 

Turn up with a determination to do God’s will.

Enjoy your garden every day!”

Though I don’t have a green thumb, I believe I can grow all things in this garden.  How about you?

In His Name,
Catherine Duncan, International Secretary

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